Meng “Mengo” Lor

Meng “Mengo” Lor | Social Media Manager

Meng “Mengo” Lor was born and raised on the east side of Saint Paul, Minnesota. In the early 2000’s when he was in middle school, Mengo started learning how to dance in response to the growing street dance culture in the Hmong community. It wasn’t until he reached high school when he discovered Popping. With the help of the Internet, he was able to learn about the rich culture of Funkstyles and started training in the many styles within Popping, with waving as his first style. After high school, Mengo began battling at events throughout the Twin Cities. He first joined the popping crew “Groove Soul Marvelous” (GSM) with fellow ALL DAY crew members Chozin and Rhematic and later on, Che. In 2014, Mengo was invited to join his peers in the Minnesota Funkstyles collective “ALL DAY” and now competes nationwide.