Melvina Cha

Melvina Cha | Historian

Melvina Cha was born in Sacramento, California, but grew up in Minnesota. She became interested in dancing during her middle school years. By the time she reached her sophomore year, where she learned from Jennifer Glaws, Melvina was exposed to other genres of dance such as contemporary, african dance, jazz, ballet, and the choreography aspect of dance. Melvina has also performed in many dance shows and events at her school, and was given the opportunity to learn from Maia Maiden, Tracy “Ti-en-T” Yang, Brian Evans, and from both DeOnna and DesJohnna Gray-Lige. By the end of her sophomore year, she was able to connect with local funkstylists where she continues to grow as a dancer/popper today.

Some accomplishments and activities throughout Melvina’s dancing career are:

  • Student of the Year for Dance in 2012
  • Opened for local hip-hop artist, Guante, with MN bboy crew, New Heist
  • Performed at both Maia Maiden’s Rooted: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening as MN Funkstyles, and later as ALL DAY
  • UW Stout: StageMe Performance
  • MN State Fair Hmong Day
  • Tribal Survival (Poppers VS Krumpers)
  • Show Your Soul 2 (1st Place)
  • Aint Nothin but a S.H.E Thang (2nd Place)
  • Uprizing II (2nd Place 2v2 w/ Rhematic)
  • VersaSound I (R&B Edition) (1st Place)