Chinu “Chozin” Yang

Chinu "Chozin" Yang | Graphic Designer
Chinu “Chozin” Yang | Graphic Designer

Chinu “Chozin” Yang started out freestyle dancing around 2008 and then later in 2009, he started learning funkstyles. He entered his first popping competition in Saint Paul, MN in 2010 where he met some of the members of ALL DAY.

Chozin has been active in Minnesota’s funkstyles scene since 2010 and formed a crew later in early 2012 called Groove Soul Marvelous (GSM). GSM started with only three members, including himself, but later recruited a fourth member, Chedawdee, in August 2015. Mengo and Rhematic we’re the first two members of the squad. Chozin chose them because they were the two funkstylists that inspired and motivated him most. To Chozin, Mengo was the grooviest funkstylist he knew and Rhematic was always marvelous in every aspect of funkstyles. Those two traits are what inspired Chozin to name the crew “Groove Soul Marvelous”.

While forming GSM, Chozin became part of ALL DAY. He contributes to ALL DAY as the crew’s graphic designer.