Chi-Fung “Chifunk” Kam

Chi-Fung “Chifunk” Kam | Support General 3

Chi-Fung “Chifunk” Kam was born in Madrid, Spain. He started dancing in 1999 and has focused on Funkstyles (specifically Locking) since 2008. He is considered one of the Locking pioneers in Madrid. Chifunk focuses his work on educating people in his community about Hip-Hop culture. He also keeps himself active with entering competitions (battles/jams), performances, teaching classes, and organizing events. He has participated in competitions such as, Spain Juste Debout 2012 (Semifinals), France Hip Hop Session 2016 (battle guest), and Spain Terreta Urbana 2016 (Semifinal). Events that Chifunk has organized are R16 Spain (Funkstyles), and The Battle Face.

In 2014, Chifunk joined the ALL DAY family, which was a unique and complete experience that made a great change in his life in Minnesota. Most recently, he has decided to make a change in scenery and move to Tokyo, Japan. He moves to where he feels the call to keep learning. He believes the way to change and make the world a better, funkier place is to first work on one’s self.