Adam “Rhematic” Myhand

Adam “Rhematic” Myhand | Videographer/Support General 1

Adam “Rhematic” Myhand has been a practitioner of the style Popping for almost seven years, but has enjoyed movement and music his entire life. In this time he has held public practices and done voluntary shows/workshops in hopes of promoting and expanding the existing Popping and Funkstyles scene in the Twin Cities area. On the competitive side of things, he has been runner up as well as placed first in a variety of Popping and all-styles battles throughout the Midwest.

Notable Awards:

Raw Elements (2011) – Runner Up (Popping)
Journey to The Center of The Cypher (2012) – 1st Place (Popping)
Revive The Funk (2013) – Runner Up (Popping)
Illest (2013) – 1st Place (All-Styles)
Shut It Down (2013) – 1st Place (All-Styles)
Writers Bench (2013) – 1st Place (All-Styles)
Get Tha Funk Down 2 (2014) – Runner Up (Popping)
Show Ya Soul 3 (2015) – Runner Up (All-Styles)
Poppin’ Mile High Vol. 2 (2015) – Runner Up (Popping)
House of Dance 1 Year Anniversary Jam (2015) – 1st Place (All-Styles)

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