About Us


Established in June 2012, ALL DAY is a Funkstyles dance crew based out of the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. We all met in passing at community events and practices and over the years, we formed a close friendship with each other. As our bond grew closer, we realized that we all shared the same passion for Funkstyles and vision for our community. We figured that if we combined our passion and vision with our undeniable joyous energy, we could work together to make Minnesota a household location for Funkstyles.

Over the years, we have performed locally in several events and venues such as, the Minnesota State Fair Hmong MN Day, the Sage Award winning hip-hop dance show, Rooted, Patrick’s Cabaret, and Intermedia Arts. We have also traveled nationally to compete in street dance competitions (battles/jams). Besides performing and competing, we organize events that give other dancers opportunities to compete, perform, and learn from one another, allowing them to showcase and cultivate their artistry.

As a crew, we strive to preserve Funkstyles dance and its culture by teaching its rooted origins. We also aim to increase the presence and awareness of Funkstyles dance and culture in our community. In addition, we intend to serve as representatives of our state and community by competing in street dance competitions on a national and international scale.

Currently, we have 9 members in ALL DAY. The current members are Tracy “Ti-en-T” Yang,  Adam “Rhematic” Myhand, Kun QianMelvina Cha, Meng “Mengo” Lor, Chinu “Chozin” Yang, Che “Chedawdee” YangChi-Fung “Chifunk” Kam and Tu Nguyen.

A snippet of our performance from Rooted 3 (June 2016)